HLC Consultants announces the launch of their new website

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Lahore, Pakistan - June 27, 2023: The launch of HLC Consultants' new website has been announced, generating great excitement from their CEO and the entire team. The website marks a significant milestone for the company, as it showcases their first project on the impressive Odoo website builder. A wide range of innovative features offered by Odoo has elevated the website to a whole new level. What makes Odoo truly remarkable is that it is not merely an ERP system, but a comprehensive ecosystem designed to empower the entire business.

Unveiling the Impressive Features in our website

Book Appointments Effortlessly

Effortless appointment booking is now at your fingertips. Users can conveniently schedule appointments, similar to the functionality provided by Calendly.

Engage in Live Chat

Through the live chat feature, users can engage in real-time conversations with the HLC Consultants team. The team is equipped to respond promptly using their mobile apps, ensuring seamless communication.

Seamless Business Registration in Pakistan

Registering any type of business in Pakistan is now a hassle-free process. HLC Consultants has streamlined the registration process, enabling entrepreneurs to establish their businesses seamlessly. 

Tailored Accounting Packages

HLC Consultants offers comprehensive accounting packages tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. From basic bookkeeping to advanced financial reporting, their packages cover a wide range of accounting requirements.

Discover the Power of Odoo ERP

A dedicated page on the website introduces users to the power of the Odoo ERP platform. Users can explore the platform's capabilities, unlocking its potential to transform their business operations.

Enriching Courses and Insights

Users can enroll in a variety of courses, such as Advanced Excel and Financial Modeling, to gain valuable insights and enhance their professional skills. HLC Consultants plans to introduce additional courses in the near future.

Engage in Knowledge Exchange

Dedicated forums provide a platform for users to engage in discussions and ask questions related to their courses. It's an opportunity to connect with fellow learners and expand knowledge through active participation.

Exclusive Events

HLC Consultants organizes exclusive events, providing users with the opportunity to network with industry professionals, exchange ideas, and stay updated on the latest industry trends.

Captivating Articles and Case Studies

Users can delve into a collection of captivating articles, case studies, and news updates, keeping them informed about industry trends, best practices, and success stories.

Exciting Job Opportunities

The new website allows users to conveniently apply online for job opportunities and join the dynamic team at HLC Consultants. It's a chance to be a part of an innovative and collaborative work environment.

Convenient Search Functionality

In case users can't find what they are looking for, the website offers a convenient search functionality. This feature ensures quick access to the desired information, making the user experience seamless.

Upcoming Additions

HLC Consultants has exciting additions in the pipeline. Here's a glimpse of what's to come:

  • Financial Advisory: Expert guidance will be available to help navigate the complexities of finance and make informed decisions.

  • Corporate & Tax Advisory: Tailored corporate and tax advice will keep businesses ahead of the game, ensuring compliance and maximizing efficiency.

  • Assurance and Process Improvements: Meticulous assurance and process improvement services will enhance business operations, driving growth and productivity.

  • Websites and Marketing: HLC Consultants will create stunning online presences for businesses, amplifying marketing efforts and expanding reach to a wider audience.

  • Certifications: Users will have access to a wide range of courses and the opportunity to earn valuable certifications online, adding credibility to their professional profile.

HLC Consultants is committed to providing top-notch solutions and support to their valued clients. The launch of their new website, built with the powerful Odoo website builder, reflects this commitment. Users are invited to explore the website's numerous features and resources, as HLC Consultants aims to serve them even better. Feedback, questions, and suggestions are highly appreciated and can be shared in the comments section. HLC Consultants looks forward to embarking on this exciting digital journey together, empowering growth and achieving success.

HLC Consultants - Odoo Partner & Accounting firm

HLC Consultants is an Odoo Partner as well as a Odoo registered Accounting firm. With rich experience and a legacy of consistent quality, HLC Consultants is one of the best Odoo partners in Pakistan.

More than just ERP

Being more than just about ERP and 7 other domains as well including Accounting, Financial Advisory, Taxation and BPR enables us to guide you better and implement better. This also puts us in a position to give you an independent and fresh perspective about organizational policies, processes and compliance.  

Enabling better decision making

Having professional accountants on board with us gives us the power to define best reporting structures within the ERP leading to better decision making

Structured Methodology

We follow a structured approach from Demo to Go-live. Our approach also involves singe point of contact for the complete project creating ease of communication, better sync between the client and us. 

Helping you all the way

Diverse areas of expertise allows us to help you design and prepare master, opening balances reconciliation and preparation of master data. We don't just upload your data but also guide you how to prepare it. 

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HLC Consultants announces the launch of their new website
Hammad Latif June 27, 2023
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